Even our walls are elaborated designs. Therefore, the rooms can be transformed from ballroom to intimate spaces in a heartbeat. And the view is always good.

With its beautiful, unique and built-in folding walls the rooms in Langelinie Pavillonen are made for transforming into smaller sections. As a typical example of how esthetics and functionality culminate everywhere in the building, the rooms can be big, small or in-between depending on the need.

We have a big restaurant room and a function room that can accommodate big parties with 800 people or small parties with as few as 20 people. Some rooms offer a view of the sea or the city, others of the embankments of Kastellet, but as a defining principle, all rooms offer a view and outlook.

On our rooftop the ’&Tradition Lounge’ is located. The lounge has a unique interior decoration offering the best of classic modern Danish design and a 270-degree view of Copenhagen.

On ground level the grand arrival hall is located. Here you will find soft furniture to land on, art, wardrobe, restrooms and a charming little bar and teak coated club room.
And then there are all the things that the guests of Langelinie Pavillonen will not see, but hopefully sense. That is our big kitchen and basement that were built in a time where everything was done in-house. We even have our own workshops.

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